Compagnie de Provence 495mL Marseille Liquid Soap Le Seaside

Limited Edition!  Le Seaside/Bords de Mer: An exclusive fragrance created in Grasse, both floral and marine.

Top notes: fruity and marine notes, associated with citrus notes.

Heart notes: iris mixes with rose and jasmine.

Base notes: vanilla and patchouli.

Made in a cauldron according to tradition as does its ancestor the authentic cube from Marseille, this liquid soap is elaborated with vegetable oils from Provence. This soap gently cleanses the skin.

Presented in a glass pump bottle with a sleek and colourful design, it will look great in your kitchen or bathroom and can be refilled with the corresponding refill bottle.

Trio of vegetable oils : Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and Grape Seed Oil. These natural ingredients enrich our formulas. Free of colouring agents and animal fats.