Compagnie de Provence 1L Hydrating Liquid Soap Algue Velours

Algue Velours (Velvet Seaweed)

This liquid soap is saponified in a cauldron using a traditional method.  It gently cleanses the hands and body while helping to maintain skin's natural moisture levels.

Economical resealable and airtight this recyclable plastic bottle enables to refill 500ml dispensers and complies with a philosophy of waste reduction.

The unique combination of Felt-Alga Seaweed from the Mediterranean and botanical oils from Provence for an ultra-hydrating formula.   Seaweed hand harvested in France.  Made from a minimum of 95% natural origin ingredients.  98% biodegradable formula.


Refreshing and stimulating, felt-alga seaweed with fresh delicate and mineral notes.